Weapon Upgrade is the 7th episode of Season 1.



The episode begins with the death of the Enderdragon, which creates the exit portal when it dissolves. Herostar, Diamond_Lover and Old_Sword collect the XP, before entering the portal. They watch the credits before finally spawning in the overworld, and they begin enchanting their tools and armour. The next day an update is available and the server is updated to it, and in this update Herostar is now able to enchant his bow.

Old_Sword finds a village, and is startled by a villager, but he quickly realises he is not a threat. Meanwhile Herostar finds and tames a wolf, while MrPig sets up a trap for DL. DL finds the trap and mines the diamond ore, causing some TNT to explode, sending arrows raining down from above. Diamond_Lover is quickly able to dig underground and place a block over his head. Herostar's wolf attacks MrPig, though he uses a command to kill all nearby NPCs, and also a flight command. MrPig then summons another wold for Herostar, before leaving the server when Old_Sword shoots an arrow at him.


  • This is the first episode to show the title screen of Minecraft, and aswell as being the first episode to have an update.
  • This is the first episode where MrPig flies.
  • MrPig summons a new wolf for Herostar, showing he does have a soft side at times.