Ultimate Overlord, originally Overlord_2, maintained the server in which the comic takes place in, until the players on the server began to solely take interest in his brother, Overlord. Out of jealously, he griefed the server and became deranged, obsessed on server domination. He was banned by Overlord but eventually, through exceptional hacking skill, overthrew his brother and killed him in-game, beginning an uprising within the community as the players on the server fight back. In all the seasons throughout his reign, he is bent on toying with the players on the server and goes as far as to create a Death Lord to present his rule. He hires Chuckle and The Destroyer throughout his reign. His time as ruler eventually ends when his curse, a code created to wreak havoc by creating clones, is destroyed by MrPig and is then incarcerated for hacking.

Skills and Personality

He has a very needy and jealous tendancy, and feels the need to be wanted, and as a result of being neglected, resorted to hacking and taking over the server. His jealous side is heavily evoked in Overlord Chronicles when his older brother doesn't give him much time to play Minecraft on their only laptop.

He has exceptional hacking skills and was easily able to take the server over from his brother. He is also very vengeful as even after being incarcerated he sends Lord Hat to finish the crew off.

The Curse




As of 'The Final Showdown', he is imprisoned in a cell with Lord_Hat, which appears to be a cell adjacent to where Virtis are imprisoned.