The curse is an event that started at the end of season 3 and expanded across the entire 4th and 5th Season. It is a bunch of corrupt code that can freely move around the server, and it has been shown to control players as an advanced AI, as well as being able to infect the original crew. It was created by Ultimate_Overlord and was set to activate after his death, so that he could continue reigning terror on the server.

Season 3

The curse made its debut during the finale of Season 3, where it started shortly after Ultimate_Overlord was killed. At first TNT started to rain down from the sky, and lava started to scatter across the ground. This confused The Original Crew who has no idea what was happening, before the season ended on a cliff hanger that wouldn't be concluded until Season 5.

Season 4

The curse had been partially defeated during this season, trapped inside the Original crew. However it was still controlling one player, Dr_Evil, who was tasked to hunt down the original crew and ban them one by one. Each time one of the crew was banned, part of the corrupt code for the curse was released, allowing it to regain its strength. Dr_Evil successfully banned all 5 of the crew, but almost instantly afterwards and curse stopped controlling him, causing him to become a normal player like the rest of The New Crew. The curse took the form of a wither and proceeded to battle the New Crew, who were able to kill 2 of its head. The curse however was able to trap the crew in a cage that drained there life, and would've succeeded if MrPig hadn't intervened. MrPig used an unknown device he created to trap all of the curses code, preventing it from ever controlling the server again.

Season 5 (Set before Season 4)

The curse is at it's peak during the entirety of Season 5, where it has created 5 AI controlled Players who have had their code cloned and modified from the original crew. The curse has also stripped the Original crew of any admin powers, making them unable to stop the curse from spreading. It is revealed that the curse is being controlled by a command block Located in Ultimate-Overlord's castle, and the block must be destroyed to stop the curse. MrPig and Overlord are revived and assist Herostar and Diamond_Lover in reaching the castle, however the only way they can reach it is to bypass the security through the nether. They eventually reach the castle and meet up with Miss_Mouse, Old_Sword and Sheep_e, who were all captured previously.

MrPig is able to hack into the command block and modify its code, removing the Evil clone's powers, and allows the original crew to kill all of them except Dr_Evil, who is teleported away. MrPig is then locked out of the command block, and the curse infected the Orginal crew, corrupting their profiles and withering them. Ultimate_Overlord then flies into view, being revived by the curse. Overlord, MrPig have an intense battle with him, with MrPig faking his death so he can work on a solution to stop to curse. Overlord and his brother come to an impasse, but Overlord proceeds to throw himself into Ultimate_Overlord, knocking them both of the edge. A flash back occurs showing why Ultimate_Overlord betrayed his brother, before they both crash into the command block, along with a lightning bolt meant for Overlord, destroying it. However to curse was not fully defeated as it partially remains inside the Original crews player profiles, and should they get banned or die, the curse will be released once again.


  • After the curse infected The Original crew, they all gained a withered-appearance, and were physically weaker.
  • The Curse is explained slightly differently in Season 4, as the writer slightly altered the story for Season 5.
  • After most of the Cursed New Crew were killed, they were revived during season 4 and were controlled by real players, Dr_Evil was reverted when the curse regained its strength and left him.
  • At the end Season 4, MrPig had a slightly withered appearance, however this was due to the story being different at the time, set many years after season 3 with all the old characters having aged naturally.
  • The curse was far weaker in Season 4 than in Season 5, due to the command block being destroyed, and the fact that all of the code was concentrated into a single entity, and not being spread around the world.