Techno_Hood was hired by Lord_Hat, who was himself hired by Ultimate Overlord to secure the Diamond Eye and the three tridents, to secure the server from the heroes: Herostar, Overlord, Old Sword, Miss Mouse and Sheep e. As Lord_Hat sat on his throne, Techno_Hood remained loyal and fought the heroes to retrieve the eye. MrPig fell in love with her, which Lord_Hat takes advantage of by swaying him to work with them to betray the heroes as they "do not care about him". MrPig works alongside Techno_Hood fighting the heroes and collecting the tridents. Eventually, the duo secure the tridents, but MrPig bans Lord_Hat and Techno_Hood when he unearths they're working for Ultimate_Overlord, whom MrPig hates.

Skills and Personality

Techno_Hood is a capable and independent fighter, successfully wounding Sheep_e and MrPig during their first encounter, and killing Old_Sword with a weapon she's never wielded before. She tends to keep to herself, but did not hesitate to team up with MrPig. She always hides her face under a hood, and becomes enraged when anyone removes it, showing she has an insecure side.


  • She's banned without dying.
  • She usually wields a dagger-like sword with a curve rather than a normal sword, but she eventually replaced this weapon with the trident she acquired.