This is the sixth episode of Overlord Chronicles



Ultimate Overlord laughs after he fired the bolt at his brother, but was shocked to see that he had blocked it. Overlord asked him why he was taking over the server, and UO told him that he wanted to rule the server. UO fired another lightning bolt at his brother, but he was able to easily block it and send it right back at him. Overlord then grabbed his brother and threw him to the ground, where Techno Hood gave him a sword. UO tried to stab Overlord, but he missed and Overlord threw an axe at him, causing him to lose his weapon. Ultimate_Overlord then explained how MrPig had helped him, but before he finishes Overlord shoots him with an arrow.
UO fires one more bolt at his brother, who once again blocks it. Overlord then states that he will use a power he never wanted to, and charges up a massive lightning bolt, before firing it at UO. The bolt sends UO flying through some debris before he slides along the floor. Overlord once again asked him for an explanation, however Techno_Hood attempts to attack him from behind. Overlord manages to block her attack and disarms and knocks her to the ground, telling her he doesn't want to see her face ever again, before banning her. Overlord then manages to ban his brother, but MrPig taunts him from behind.


  • MrPig makes a reference to the Lazy Town song "We are number one" when he explains how MrPig helped him.
  • Techno_Hood took Overlord's word literally when he told her he didn't want to see her face again, as during season 6 she hid her face under a hood.
  • Overlord's lightning was way more powerful than UO's, and this may be why he didn't want to use it.
  • This is also the only episode where a protagonist fires lightning.