This is the twelfth episode of Overlord Chronicles



Ultimate Overlord introduces himself to The Destroyer, and quikcly become associates. U_O teaches The Destroyer to fire lightning and then assigns his NPC army three tasks in three groups. The first grroup are to build a castle with a silo, which houses a special command block which upon the death of U_O, would unleash a curse. The second team are to rebuild the Death Lord, and the third are to go and raid the Miencrafter's house, to deal with Chuckle after his betrayal. Later on, U_O loses a battle with the Minecrafters, and he then reunites with the Destroyer, who is now a capable lightning user. Herostar and Miss Mouse inspect the progress of the new Death Lord, but are captured and taken by U_O. When the two refuse to work for U-o, he shocks them with lightning and flings them away, with Miss Mouse dangling off a cliff holding on for her life. Herostar is confronted by U_O.


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