This is the eleventh episode of Overlord Chronicles



MrPig breaches the Death Lord and attempts to persuade an NPC to stop working for Ultimate Overlord, but the latter is obversing him and teleports him up to his ship. MrPig hacks the ship's console and successfully crashes the ship, but in retaliation U_O electrocutes him with lightning and flings him across the map to the Minecrafter's house. MrPig leads them to U_O before he dies, and gives up on the server. Herostar gets on the Death Lord and U_O shoots lightning at it, and unwillingly causes the ship to crash. U_O's NPC's eventually repair the ship and launch it, but once again Herostar gets on by jumping onto the bottom platform. U_O duels him and his lightning causes the ship to catch fire and explode, with U_O being struck by a fireball and shot down to the ground, but is then confronted by The Destroyer.


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