Last Draw is the 11th episode of Season 1, and the first to have 5 characters.



Sheep_e decides to head back to the surface after mining for a while. When he gets back to the surface he meets Old_Sword and the others, but MrPig arrives and spawns creepers that chase the heroes. The 4 get into a house, and Diamond_Lover stats that things can;t get any worse, before the creepers get stuck by lightning, turning into charged creepers. MrPig then demonstrates how powerful the creepers are, by making one blow up, destroying the house and explaining how much damage they do.

The crew then flee, but Diamond_Lover's armour breaks, but Herostar lends him his helmet. MrPig explains that he is on creative, but Herostar reminds him that the server is hardcore, confusing MrPig. Moments later the charged creepers sneak up behind MrPig and blow him up, leaving him with 1/2 a heart. He then gets up and takes out a sword, telling the heroes that they have lost. However Sheep_e tells him that he has got MrPig's powers, and his diamond sword, further confusing MrPig. A silverfish sneaks up behind MrPig and kills him, before the episode ends.


  • This episode is the first time an antagonist dies.
  • This is the first time charged creepers appear in the series.