The Minecrafters currently contains 6 Seasons each with either 13 or 14 episodes. Most episodes consist of 6 slides with 12 frames on each one.

Episode table

Ep NO. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6
1 The Minecrafters Refriend Revenge A new arrival The overlord curse Eye spy


Dungeon Ultimate villain Training An old hero returns The clone factory Technical issues
3 A Nether situation Sandy traps NPC attack part 1 Evil renews Captured Hat business
4 Mystic Pig Mouse in the house NPC attack part 2 Axe for help Piggy Suspicon Decisions
5 Revenge of the Endermen Ship terror Launch base Diamonds aren't forever Mining the way Conduit power
6 Enderdragon attack Chuckle trap Destroying Getting REDDY! Nether again Phantom pain
7 Weapon upgrade Water cave More power The Mineshafts Golden problems Trident duel
8 Action time Pig duel No More chuckles Old but not rusty Escape plan Drowned in fear
9 The Sheep in the e Lord problems Launch base 2 Golden effects The plan begins Temple trouble
10 Tree tower Take off Death trap Something sheepish Bad wither Guarding attacks
11 Last draw Repairs Lord launch The beginning of the end Time to fight Trio-dents
12 Server war Ultimate duel Ultimate Destroyer The middle of the end Penultimate duel Final Journey
13 Good endings Second crash Death end The end of the end Overlord duel The final showdown
Other Prologue The Sequel Season 6 sequel


  • Season 2 episode 1 contained 5 slides each with 16 frames, this was an error.
  • During Season 2 Sheep_e and Diamond_Lover got an updated skin to differentiate them from Herostar.
  • From Season 4 Episode 4, a ruler was always used for all frame borders, and the art style was improved, this is due to the writer taking a long break during this time.
  • From Season 5 all episodes contained a title slide in place of the first frame.
  • From Season 5 Miss_Mouse and Charlotte_Axe no longer had a dress part of their character design, instead they now had a regular stick body.
  • From Season 5 episode 3 to 13, the weapon swing effect was changed from a few random lines to 2 line to form a swipe motion, this effect was reverted back for season 6
  • The finale of Season 4, 5 and 6 is double the length of a regular episode, the final slide of season 4 had 16 frames instead of the usual 12.
  • From Season 6, most of the male characters got a new design, which was a hairstyle unique to each of them.


  • There was a long break between Season 4 Episode 3 and 4, and this break is very noticeable as the art style changed.
  • There was also a long break between Season 5 episode 2 and 3, though this is less noticeable as the art style remained mostly unchanged.
  • The Prologue used to be called "The Prequel", and was a standalone episode set before Season 1, before it was renamed and merged with Season 1.
  • The Sequel also used to be a standalone episode, before it was merged with Season 5 to avoid confusion with Season 6.
  • The season 4 Finale is currently the longest episode, with 148 frames (11 slides with 12 frames plus one with 16 frames). The Season 5 and 6 Finale are a close second with 144 frames each.