Many years ago Overlord and his Brother, Overlord 2 ran a server in peace, they both cared for the server and were very close. Over time however Overlord 2 started to get jealous as overlord was getting all the attention from the people on the server. Eventually Overlord 2 started to grief the server behind his brother’s back, and when Overlord found out, he had no choice but to ban him and block all access to the server.

Mr_Pig eventually challenged Overlord to a duel, Overlord lost and as an agreed bet, gave Mr_Pig server properties

Overlord however never fully gave up the sever, and eventually got control back and jailed Mr-Pig

He saw all the damage Mr_Pig did and reset the server

In season 2 Overlord 2 finally gets back into the server with Mr_Pigs help, and they both kill Overlord, and O2 renames himself to Ultimate_Overlord, and discards Mr_Pig

Mr_Pig tries to confront UO, but is servery injured, he manged to get to the crew, and turns to their side, he tells the crew about OL plans, but sadly dies shortly afterwards

During season 3, UO hired the_Destroyer as an assistant

The_Destroyer soon started to grow tired of Ultimate_Overlord’s foolish behaviour

And after he was defeated by the crew and the death lord was destroyed a 3rd time, he confronted UO and killed him, and killed himself as he finally gave up on being a greifer

But UO was not fully killed as he was still able to access the server, and started to curse the server through the console.

Ultimate-Overlord creates evil copies of the crew, who are set out to attack and capture the old crew, so Ultimate_Overlord can torture and kill them.

Mr_Pig is able to get back on the server, and revives Overlord and they both team up to figure out how to stop Ultimate_Overlord's curse

The old crew manages to kill most of the new crew, but the curse affects them and makes them all very old. Ultimate-Overlord joins the server and confronts MrPig and Overlord. Mr_Pig works on a more permanent way to trap the curse, as if a crew member gets banned, part of the curse gets released.

Overlord and MrPig fight Ulitmate_Overlord and MrPig fakes his death, and Overlord did one last heroic act which results in him and his brother’s death and the destruction of the command block.

The new crew are now revived and are real players and have no memory of the curse, they all start out with little skill and train themselves rather quickly.

Dr_Evil is not fully cleaned, and is still controlled by the curse and the events of series 4 happen.

During this time Dr_Evil bans the old crew one by one, and each time he does this a bit of the curse is released. Eventually he bans Miss_Mouse and the curse leaves him and takes the form of a wither. Dr_Evil is now controlled by a real player and gives the new crew stuff to fight the wither curse. The crew manages to damage the wither but it traps all of them in a cage. MrPig arrives just in time and uses a device to trap the curse for good.

Overlord is does not fully trust MrPig, and did not grant him OP powers. This causes MrPig to feel betrayed.

Ultimate_Overlord hires Lord_hat to retrieve the Diamond Eye and kill the players. Lord_Hat hires Techno_Hood to do it for him.

Techno_Hood recovers the eye and uses it to lag out the server.

Lord_Hat takes notice of MrPig, and asks Techno_Hood to bring him to her.

He is able to convince MrPig to join him, as he uses the fact the Overlord doesn’t trust him to convince him that he will.

MrPig and Techno_Hood are set out to retrieve the tridents, and are able to return with 2, and what’s left of the original crew bring the last one with them.

MrPig learns that Lord_Hat is working for Ultimate_Overlord, and he kills Lord_Hat and destroys the eye, saving the server, he is then given OP powers as Overlord now fully trusts him, and he bans Techno_hood and Lord_Hat. Overlord creates a new map to remove anything that Ultimate_Overlord might have left behind.