Action time is the 8th episode of season 1.



The episode begins with Old_Sword crafting a pair of iron leggings, and Herostar crating a new iron sword. Diamond_Lover crafts 5 golden apples, and shares them with the others. The 3 all prepare to ambush MrPig when he spawns, however when he does is is geared with full diamond armour and a diamond sword. MrPig then tells the heroes that he has changed the mode to hardcore, before laughing and teleporting away. Herostar's wolf finds a chest filed with iron ingots, Herostar uses it to craft and iron chestplate and helmet. Old_Sword crafts a pair of iron leggings with the remaining iron, and Diamond_Lover uses what's left to make him an iron sword.

MrPig appears out of nowhere, and tells Herostar that Diamond is much better than iron, before giving the group an enchantment table and saying his famous line "Enchant your tools and armour". Due to an error, Herostar re-enchants his leggings and boots, while DL goes mining. He mines a diamond, and spots 3 creepers who somehow talk to him. He kills all 3 with a bow and spots an Enderman, but doesn't look at it. A skeleton accidentally shoots the Enderman, and the Enderman kills it, allowing Diamond_Lover to retrieve its loot. Meanwhile Old_Sword makes some art, but MrPig destroys it, upsetting him, before MrPig places lit TNT next to him. His blast protection Tunic however saves him from the blast, and MrPig reveals he loves to watch people suffer.


  • This is the only episode where hostile mobs speak.
  • There is an error in this episode, as Herostar had already enchanted his leggings and boots, but he is somehow able to re-enchant them.